Medium Power LED and Reflector

  • High Luminous Efficacy – More efficient than using lens diffusers
  • Reflection ratio of 95 % ~ 97 % – Reflector
  • Minimum glare and loss of luminance
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Smart Lighting Control Technology (GESS)

  • Easy and economically efficient in maintenance, network build-up and expansion when compared to other control systems
  • Support smart and step-by-step upgrade
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Heat Dissipation Technology

  • ΔT<30° for all LED products
  • Proven Data from official organization
  • Proper Junction Temperature Control
  • Ensure customers long Life products
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Narrow Multi-Beam Forming (NMBF) Technology

  • GigaTera’s renovated technology
  • Maximizes energy savings
  • Most optimized technology for preventing light pollution
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In-House Driver Technology

  • GigaTera has both the in house qualified driver engineers and the core technology.
  • Performs for 2 months (1,440 hours) at +80°C acceleration test to ensure long life.
  • GigaTera ensures a 50,000 hours life time of the driver with its in-house technology and reliability test. Accordingly, any failed product during acceleration is not commercialized.
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Cutting edge IT Convergence Technology

  • Integration of information technologies with LED lighting technologies
  • LED Lighting + WiFi + IP Camera for wireless security + Emergency Rescue
  • LED Lighting + Wireless Communications + Safety Helmet
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Vertical Integration

Reliability Test Facilities

Sound absorption room

Temperature and humidity chamber

Test Capacity: -70°C ~ 150°
RH: 20% ~ 98%

Thermal Shock Tester

Test Capacity: -80°C ~220°C

Rain Tester

IP Rating: IPX4 ~ IPX6
Temperature: 15°C ~ 35°C

Salt Spray Tester

Test Capacity 35°C at NaCl 5%

Drop Tester

Drop height: 30 ~ 120 cm
Test weight: 50 kg

Vibration Tester

3500 Hz, 100G / 2 Inch, 2200 lbs / half sine, smooth / sine, random, shock

Surge Tester

Open 1.2/50μs 20kV
Short 8/20μs 10kV

High Temperature Tester

RT ~ 80°C

Photometry Equipment

Integrating Sphere System

Mirror Type Goniophotometer