Smart Lighting Control Technology

  • Easy and economically efficient in maintenance, network build-up and expansion when compared to other control systems
  • Support smart and step-by-step upgrade

Wireless Control

  • ZigBee
  • WiFi
  • LTE
  • W-CDMA

Wired Control

  • DALI
  • DMX-512
  • 1-10V

Sensor Control

  • Occupancy Sensor
  • Daylight Sensor

The GigaTera GESS lighting control system is an eco-friendly system with minimized energy consumption and emissions. In addition, it has wireless, wired, and sensor control systems to provide the most stable and economical lighting control solutions ever.

GESS Feature

  • Support for different controls

    The GESS control system provides different supports, including streetlight as well as wireless, wired, and sensor controls that allows even for hybrid controls to be implemented by combining any of them upon customer request.With this hybrid control, a customized control system can be implemented based on usage conditions with theadvantage of energy savings and services.

  • Application of the standard lighting control protocol

    The GESS control system supports wireless and wired standard protocols

  • From individual to group controls

    The GESS control system provides individual and group controls. With this function user can set different on/off time and intensities in different areas for the optimal energy savings and automatically or manually control the lighting using a GUI or central console without visiting the site.

  • Reliable system

    The GESS control system is a solution dedicated to GigaTera LED lighting, making it more reliable than other control systems. The main GigaTera street lights, META and HERA, have the wireless node system (ZB Node). Indoor lights, such as Bela, Verona, and Galaxy, have the 1-10V, DMX-512, DALI control board, and indoor ceiling lights, including IBL, NANA, and SORA, which detects the sensors. Different GigaTera lighting products are perfectly controlled by the GESS system.

  • Energy and maintenance cost savings

    The GESS control system can save energy consumption and maintenance costs.

GESS Equipment

  •  Master Unit-AIR

  • Gateway

  • USB Converter

  • IPC Wall Switch


Roadway Lighting Control

Normal highway roadway lighting and security lights on narrow roads can be efficiently managed by adopitng the wireless control for the control and maintenance without the need for separate cabling. The GESS Roadway lighting control is a dedicated system for the GigaTeraⓇ roadway light that provides support for remote intensity controls through 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular network communication in order for the additional energy savings and uniformity as well as mesh network, self-diagnosis, system error reporting, and real-time monitoring in implementing higher electrical efficiency by saving the cost and time for the operation and maintenance.


Wireless Lighting Control

A wireless control function can be implemented by connecting the built-in wireless node (ZB Node) and the local wall-mounting switch (IPC controller) or master unit. The wireless control solution is based on the ISM Band 2.4 GHz and can be implemented in central and local controls. The wall-mounting switch (IPC controller) can be used for both, while the master unit can be used for the central control configuration. The central control requires an operation PC for the GUI program.

*ISM band means bandwidth available for industry, science, and medicine


Wired Lighting Control

The GESS supports RS-485 communication protocol.
The RS-485 communication protocol can create a network of units connected to a single RS-485 serial port with a multidrop function. One master unit can be connected with up to 32 slave units while providing a maximum of 1.2 km in serial communication.

The GESS supports the DALI protocol.
The digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) is a standard lighting protocol that offers a flexible and intelligent alternative to indoor lighting controls and provides individual and group controls through unlimited bidirectional communication. With the double-wire control line, DALI can control up to 64 lighting fixtures and up to 16 groups individually or through broadcast mode. The recommended communication distance is 300 m or less.

The GESS supports 1–10V interface.
The 1–10V interface offers better performance per price and controls a minimum of 1V to a maximum of 10V of brightness.

The GESS DMX-512 protocol.
This method can control up to 256 lights.



Sensor Lighting Control

Daylight sensor
An office or a workplace requires specific and uniform illumination. For energy savings, reduce the visual dissatisfaction experience by employee worker, and for efficiently maintained illumination, technology is required to detect light and thus automatically control the lighting fixtures. It is more effective to control lighting fixtures by setting and applying certain conditions to an illumination sensor rather than relocating the sensor or considering block condition upon the environmental conditions. GESS technology helps effective illumination control for the bay and Roadway Lighting.

Motion sensor (PIR Sensor)
Large buildings or workplaces can save a considerable amount of energy just y turnig off the lighting when unnecessary so a sensor system is increasingly essential for energy conservation and environmental conservation. An motion sensor detects if someone is present in a certain room and automatically controls the brightness. GESS uses the PIR type for low ceilings (up to 5m) and a microwave type for high ceilings (up to 12m).

Integrated sensor control (Motion sensor + Daylight sensor)
The integrated sensor control are the best sensor control solutions to combining motion and daylight sensors for automatic control and to optimize the conservation of energy.